Grundfos: Safewater Project 


Project Description

Validate business model for profitably providing drinking water to poor communities in Ghana and develop strategy to support implementation of the business model.

What We Did & How


  • Situational Analysis

Conducted a situational analysis for the Ghana Water Initiative Project. This involved an industry analysis for the water sector industry, looking at both the demand and supply sides. Reviewed the regulatory environment and conducted a needs assessment and impact analysis of the project.


  • Business Model Validation

We reviewed the existing business model making adjustments to ensure that the project can achieve its objectives of serving the poor while remaining sustainable. We also reviewed cased studies from around the world to identify best practices that could be employed in the current project. The resulting business model uses an innovative approach to ecosystem development and financing to ensure project viability and long term sustainability.


  • Strategy Development

Developed a business strategy, marketing and distribution strategy, HR strategy and Funding strategy for the initiative. We also developed an operations model that among other things helps to identify the key drivers and conduct sensitivity analysis around them.


  • Financial Modelling

Developed a financial model for the project.


  • Implementation Support

Provided support for implementation. We helped identify and recruit partners, and the implementation of pilot projects.


  • Corporate Identity Design

Developed a new brand identity made up of a new logo and brand name for the Ghana water initiative for Grundfos.