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At TLC, we trust the data

We are a marketing firm that believes in creating effective, data driven strategies to grow your business and brand value. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals, with a deep knowledge of what it takes to connect with today's consumers while they're making purchasing decisions.

At The Little Cow, we believe that business results are rooted in strategy. Our data driven approach to growing brand value ensures that each client is given the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals.

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Firm of the Year
"Unmatched ideas and innovative solutions."
Ghana Business Awards 2022
Outstanding Marketing Company of the Year
"Excellent performance and impact within the market"
Ghana - West African Business Excellence Awards 2022
of the Year
"Novel, yet bears every resemblance to an industry force to reckon with."
Ghana Business Awards 2021
The Little Cow

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the  villa overlooks dramatic mountainous scenery

Twitter is dead. Long live……..X?

In a surprising move that left the digital world both intrigued and perplexed, Elon Musk, the unconventional billionaire at the helm of many technological ventures, once again made waves...

the  villa overlooks dramatic mountainous scenery

Demystifying the concept of Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a cornerstone of marketing strategy and a critical element in the success of any brand. However, while it is widely used, the concept is often misunderstood....